Monday, April 10, 2017

Threats to reporters from racists and dirty cops --DeBasilio dirty cop???

    All across the county the Trump racists and dirty cops make threats, even those of death, to reporters who DARE to write the truth about them.

   Many have quit in this Nazi environment of Trump. 
We here at the have also been threatened not to write about racists, dirty cops, violent gun nuts and crooked elected officials right here in Calaveras County.  The corruption continues!!

  We will not stop!  In fact it makes us more adamant to write about these lowlifes!!  Does local law enforcement protect the press from these scums??  NO!!

   In fact, Sgt. Gordon of the Calaveras Sheriff's Office has directly told me to STOP writing about them if you want the threats, harassment, violence, etc. to stop! Ordered by temp sheriff Debasilio???

  Of course, that makes Sgt. Gordon now one of the dirty cops in Calaveras, ordering a stop to First Amendment rights of the press.  

   The fact that the temp sheriff Debasilio was standing next to her when she did this is and did nothing to eliminate her, makes him a dirty cop too, in our opinion. 

   DeBasilio cannot handle being a Sheriff. He cannot handle arresting the real criminals. He cannot be in any position of power.  MORE to come!!!  Any cop who defends a DIRTY COP is a DIRTY COP!!

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Anonymous said...

Why does the County have a posted December-2016 written response from the California Attorney General Kamala Harris on the issue of qualifications for Sheriff?
Did the past Board of Supervisors (Edson as chairman) put an unqualified person in the position of Sheriff of Calaveras County?