Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Blagen Bridge is HOW FAR OUT??

UPDATE:  In the afternoon session Oliveira got the Board to vote 5-0 to pay for the bridge as an emergency need and fix it immediately.

     The bridge on Blagen Road in White Pines (Arnold) is still a long way out, according to Calaveras Public Works.

   They need engineering and are not sure yet what type of bridge they will use, temporary or permanent.  More than a year at least, is the wait time now.


Anonymous said...

the moosies and park people were all there complaining. it could affect ollies re-election.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know Oliveira made a sleazy back room deal that he would help them get elected if they helped him. Total crooks, the lot!

Anonymous said...

Oliveras no good. We need to get rid of him. Who's running?

Anonymous said...

So what did he promise the other 4 for teir areas?