Monday, May 15, 2017

Dorothy Ann Matthews of Mountain Ranch

   Dorothy Ann Matthews, age 88, passed away in the early morning of May 1, 2017 at her home in Mountain Ranch after a long struggle with cancer.

   Dorothy was one of seven children,
solely survived by her brother John.    Siblings Joseph, Alfred, Wilber, Nelson and Matilda rest in peace.

   Left behind are her children Barbara, Brenda, James, Claire and Linda.  Daughter Carol laid to
rest unexpectedly August 29, 2013.

     She was born in Detroit, Michigan to Alfred Joseph Busch and Anna Marie (Delair) Busch on September 14, 1928.

   She experienced the loss of her mother early in life but gained a loving relationship with her stepmother Clair Augustine (Finot) Busch.

   Amongst her 6 children, Dorothy was the adored grandmother of 23 and great-grandmother to 21. Nothing meant more to her that the happiness of her family and to be surrounded by them.

   She was the kind of woman that treasured the little things, did her best to make people laugh, even in the darkest of time.

   She kept promises, stood up for what was right and stepped in to help when no one else would.

   Her personality was graciously unique. Even in her later years she responded with sassiness and had a twinkle in her eye like that of a young girl.

   She would climb ladders and scrub the ceilings in her home, bake the best apricot bars, grow the most beautiful flowers, partake in combat with particularly ornery geese and keep up with a hypothetical racy affair with John Wayne for decades.

   Dorothy left her mark on all those she knew and we will all carry her in the background. With such a measurable loss we must remember one of her last comical threats. "I don't want no crying or I'm gonna come back and kick some butt.  Anybody that cries is getting thirty lashes with a wet noodle."



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