Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Goal of White Supremacists in Calaveras

   We recently heard that the newly forming Calaveras KKK Project has developed their first goal, and many won't be happy to hear it.

   It seems their primary goal is to make Calaveras a WHITE county only, since the confederate Jefferson County initiative is failing to take hold.

   In other words, they want to rid the county of all who oppose their WHITES only ideals and policies, which they say are part of Trumps MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

   This makes it easy to understand the harassment and violence towards those who oppose their master plan and especially anyone who DARES write against it!!


Anonymous said...

u no what? this makes sense, since CAL is mostly white now. scary tho.

Anonymous said...

Is the CAL for California or Calaveras? California is hardly mostly white now. But be aware, the boogey man may be coming.