Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Invest $500,000 in Kushner Development--Get Citizenship??

   It became public that the Kushner family uses a 'legal' investment program under the US government to bribe foreign investors to put money in their real estate transactions.

   Called an EB5 Visa, a presentation was made to Chinese investors that if they invest $500,000 in the newest Kushner high rise in the US, they will get the fast-track to citizenship, and hinted that Gerad Kuchner works for Trump. 

   They had forced the press to leave the room during this presentation.  So, poor people can be banned by this President, but if they are rich and pay big money, they can bribe their way to citizenship in the US.  What is wrong with this picture???

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District 1 voter said...

Crookedest president and associates ever, makes Nixon look good.