Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Assault in the Calaveras Board Chambers???

   We have just received information that there may have been an assault in the Chambers of the Calaveras Board of Supervisors meeting this morning.

   The screen has gone to recess for quite some time.  We are not surprised after the debacle Gary Tofanelli made of the election of HIMSELF as chair for 2018.

   Unofficial sources say one of the religious right woman actually slapped a cannabis grower in the face. Was she arrested or did Tofanelli defend her?  We are very concerned. If you saw anything let us know, please.


Anonymous said...

these damn churches do NOT pay taxes and should not be allowed to run the government. What is wrong with these Supervisors.
Everyone knows those right wing nuts are crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

He isn't a grower. He is a concerned citizen who supports regulation. She is retired Sheriff's deputy, ban zealot who should have known better. The victim chose not to press charges. Sad, because the perp will never learn now. She owes this retired man and all of us in the county an apology.

Anonymous said...

That perp was a woman called lorie white. she a reinke and some of the others like a woman named morris are the reason normal people are terrified of going to meetings. Violence can break out by them at any time, I feel.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely nothing happened to Wiite. She shoud be locked up!!