Sunday, January 14, 2018

"Bait and Switch" by Calaveras County Planning

   From the moment that the Calaveras County Supervisors said they would welcome current illegal cannabis growers to come out of the shadows to be licensed, the "Bait and Switch" scheme was launched by Calaveras County.

   Of course the Planning Department never did follow through on that; and in fact they gave the corrupt Calaveras Sheriff all the names, addresses and other information they needed to do an easy
SWAT attack on those businesses.

   Now the lawsuits begin. Not only do we feel the county of Calaveras will have to refund the thousands of dollars these farmers paid to the county, but pay for the 'Bait and Switch' scheme, for losses of their crops and for unlawful government practices.

   Did we say millions?  Yes, it is going to cost Calaveras taxpayers MILLIONS due to the corruption and racism, bait and switch tactics and damage done intentionally to cannabis farmers in Calaveras.

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