Sunday, January 7, 2018

Calaveras Sheriff chase ensues

     CHP has reported that a car answering the description has been spotted on Hwy 4
in the Ebbetts Pass area.  A deputy is headed that way.

 UPDATE at 5:20 PM:  There is apparently video surveillance of the subjects at the store where the chase began, but cannot be viewed until morning.  Clerk said the person
was unknown to them.

 UPDATE at 5:15 PM:  One deputy reports his vehicle is stuck in the mud on Summit View Road and he cannot move.  He has been offered a shovel, chain  or other assistance.

UPDATE at 5:05 PM:  The vehicle has been located now abandoned near Summit View Road and Swiss Ranch Road.

 UPDATE at 5 PM:  The subjects have been seen now at Swiss Ranch and Summit View Road in the Ebbetts Pass area. Several units have joined
the chase now.

  January 7, 2018 at 4:45 PM:  The Calaveras Sheriff's department is pursuing subjects in the Swiss Ranch Road area in Mountain Ranch.

   The pursuit has now been discontinued in that area.  We aren't sure why they were chasing the subjects.  Deputies are heading from San Andreas to the Swiss Ranch area.  They have requested air support.


Anonymous said...

And they are still chasing this guy.

Anonymous said...

And today, 7 days later, the chase goes on!! They know tis guy. They would rather cut pot anyway.