Monday, January 15, 2018

Final conversation with Gary Stevens for Sheriff--White Supremacist???.

   We have additional information that the public needs to know about Stevens.  He is a Republican and he is in favor of BANNING commercial Cannabis! That is a BIG
mistake. That way you lose ALL control over the business.  Poor management decision, Mr. Stevens!!

   We just now asked him if he voted for the White Supremacist Trump party and if he would do so
again. He also stated we must be cannabis growers!  Very interesting right wing extremist candidate!

   Our next question, if he answers the last one will be if he is religious to the point where his religion rules his decision making in a government setting.  Not looking good for Mr. Stevens.

   We simply cannot support ANY extremists for any office in government. Trump has ruined any chance of giving respect to allowing religion or White Supremacy to rule over us.



Anonymous said...

I could have told you about Stevens. Religion screwed up his thinking. Beware!

Anonymous said...

You don't know the half of it. defends bad guys, friends of his. same corruption as we have now.