Friday, January 12, 2018

Give me more money--I will try to stop crime!!???

   Temporary Sheriff Dibasilio spent last evening at a packed Independence Hall telling the residents the only reason there is so much crime is :  I need more money!!

   We received many complaints that the deputies spent the day before the meeting trying to catch one their regular criminals. Terry! 

     They pulled over many innocent people without cause, according tor reports, searching for Terry! Some told us they had never seen so many deputies in the Arnold area.

  The Sheriff wanted to be able to go to that meeting and say "See, I caught him!"  Instead, he said he needed more money; that his deputies deserve $50 an hour to cut pot plants and chase suspects.

   What a joke this Sheriff is.  Hopefully someone else will be running that didn't have a SWASTIKA removed!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thus the name..."Reputy Dick" joke...more money? County not gonna bail you out again when you misuse the funds you have.