Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Tofanelli stinks!!

  Dear Sierra Sentinel Editor:

   This morning I attended the Calaveras Supervisors meeting just to see what would happen when they elected a new Chair, having
witnessed the corruption in the past.

   I was shocked when Clapp nominated Tofanelli and Mills 2nded the nomination, but should have realized that they and their anti-pot friends were out to get Garamendi.

   The really corrupt thing is what happened next. Tofanelli VOTED for himself, against Jack Garamendi, instead of refusing to take the Chair position.

   I have now lost ANY and ALL respect for Gary Tofanelli. He is obviously one of the conspirers in this corruption.  I may not be able to prove it, but I know. He never said one word of NO!!

   I will now work to OUT Tofanelli. He got in trouble before and now he's in trouble again.  I can smell his STINK from here!!


   A resident and voter of District 1


Anonymous said...

You are right! This was tofanellis decision! He is the smelliest one in the room. Clapp and Mills have done dirt at the board before and it was squashed because tofaneli used good sense. He's stopped that and is now in totoal collusion with those crazies!

Anonymous said...

WHAT!! Tofanelli, D! chair. The churches will be running everything now! He's sold out!! I hear he needs the extra thousand a month!!

Anonymous said...

You are right! An honorable supervisor would have said NO, I nominate Garamendi! Tofanelli lacks honor!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Clapp and Mills bought Tofaneli's vote to ban pot. We'll know tomorrow, won't we.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing stinks!

Anonymous said...

Tofanelli needs to be recalled, along with Mills. They are now two peas in a pod and cozy as can be.

Anonymous said...

If he's in any boat with mills, he does stink! I have heard he may be reconsidering his position. all the lawsuits, you know.

Anonymous said...

Look up Port City Steel and place your search on google maps to look at the street view for Chair Tofennelli's business in Stockton. What a dump and in a residential neighborhood. PIG