Wednesday, January 10, 2018

OP-ED: Tofanelli will lose like Edson, grabbing power!! Oliveira weak, no good!!

   It wasn't that long ago that Supervisor of District 1 was Cliff Edson, a hamburger flipper who got elected Supervisor by pretending he cared.

   He got a feel for power and grabbed the Calaveras Supervisors Chair position, which he handled badly.  The people got the message; he only cared about the money and the power, and they threw
him out!

  Now Tofanelli, who everyone said was no better than Edson, ran and won his seat back. And what does he do?  He grabs the power he had no business holding, and is so money grubbing, he can't see what he has done.

   The people will see and he, too, will be thrown out of office.  When that idiot Clapp nominated Tofanelli to be chair, and honorable man would have said "NO, I do not accept and I nominate Garamendi for his rightful position as Chair!"

   Are there any honorable Supervisors on that Board now?  Oliveira had a chance to stick with his decision to do what was right for the county, but no.

   He's to worried about his fall re-election campaign, doesn't want to alienate anyone. Instead he has alienated everyone.  Incapable of making and sticking to a decision, he has NO business being a Supervisor.

   Oliveira will be defeated by CALLAWAY this year.  No amount of racists, or gun thugs or dirty cops can help him.

      So, Tofanelli and Oliveira made their beds today!! Now they can sleep in them!!!


Anonymous said...

lol, olivera's going to love this one.

Anonymous said...

Lov the hamburger flipper. so true. welcocme back, callaway.