Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tofanelli votes for a BIG raise for himself--Lorie White had NO GUN????

  Complaints, complaints and more complaints about Gary Tofanelli's possible collusion or conspiracy with Clapp and Mills in Calaveras County, which caused Tofanelli to vote himself a big raise to Chair of the Board.

   Other criticisms are that Lori White, who was witnessed assaulting Michael Falvey, were made. Tofanelli DID nothing to BAN her from the boardroom. One witness said it was lucky for everyone that she didn't have a GUN!!!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't recognize them at first, but I was privy to a very disgusting conversation between three grey haired people at a coffee shop some months ago. Two men, one woman, all bad. They talked about conspiracy and and collusion and I think most importantly, they didn't care if people found out. I hope those retards go to jail.

Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to give names and location anonymously?