Thursday, January 11, 2018

Vickie Reinke lies like a TRUMP!!

  I have never seen anything like that woman Vicke Reinke, an extremist ALT-RIGHT Republican, who rants about Cannabis like she REALLY cares about people.

   She is able to tell so many lies, almost as well as her DEAR LEADER Trump!!  We have heard that she spends time drinking at Camps and she even claims she never drinks. BALONEY!!!

   She also stated that this isn't a partisan issue. Another filthy lie!  This is the party of TRUMP!!! The liars of TRUMP!!!


Anonymous said...

There you go again. Post more crap and maybe she will confront your ass.

Anonymous said...

Is that a threat? Will she have a few drinks first? Will she take her Mills' friend and Morris and Whites with her to 'confront'. I do agree that she is dangerous though, so everyone be careful. She only pretends to be calm and cool.