Monday, January 15, 2018

Why does your brother talk bad about you??? Are you Neighbor from Hell # 38?

  When you have a complete mental breakdown and your brother tells everyone that you are basically the laziest guy he ever knew, that you are filthy and a slob, like to make smelly
PILES everywhere,
what do you do? Shouldn't you give him a big KISS??

   What if your brother tells people that yes, you are crazy, but that his WHOLE family says that your wife is even crazier?

      Is your wife telling everyone that yes, YOU are crazy, but that SHE has full control over you?   What a wonderful family you have!  At least you stick together!

   Is this is a warning to people who initially feel sorry for the mentally ill?  Will you live to regret it! Will your animals?

     Is this Neighbor from Hell # 38?

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