Friday, February 9, 2018

Angels Camp City Council HONORS clever advertising GIMMICKS!!!

   In Angels Camp, you never know what the City Council will appreciate.  The fact that they honor business owners, (who have since gone out of business) for their clever advertising ideas, is perplexing.

   And if you are friends with certain council members, they will pass a resolution to promote your business, and you get FREE advertising.  If it fails, oh, well!!  You are a friend of theirs! Ridiculous isn't it????


Anonymous said...

I bet I know who, and they aren't the sweet innocent people you think they are. I know things.

Anonymous said...

Could that be that phony kindness zone thing. they made them hang a sign that was totally phony at the county too. Someone got rid of it. Our governments are NOT kindness zones. anything butt.

You're right that it was an dvertivsing givmmick of sorts.