Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dear Editor: The new Chair

   Dear Editor: 

   I can't believe what is happening in Calaveras County right now!  Tofanelli was crooked in seizing the Calaveras Supervisor Board Chair from Garamendi.

   It was so obvious that the three known as the rats, Clapp, Mills and Tofanelli had worked together on this plan behind the scenes.

   Then he worked the BAN, and made sure the cannabis issue would not get on the ballot in May.

  Tofanelli, if you pay attention, seems to be the worst of the three. If he isn't recalled, the county is in big trouble.

   J in Rancho (no other name, please)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I could have told you that last time he was in. Have you seen how he treats normal folks, bad, but those wacko ban people, the violent ones, so good. He lets Clapp an Mills have the run of the place too. sickening