Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Missing a real President, Barack Obama

   Funny how they say you never appreciate what you have until you've lost it?  Well, after what seems like an eternity with a filthy pig in the White House, we all realize what we had before.

   We had a MAN, not a pig!  We had a real President, who NEVER created scandal, never spent time
or had to pay of some porn star.

   We had a President who honored the office, who was respected around the world, and who never called Republicans who hated him because he was black, traitors.

   A real man doesn't have to call people names, or belittle women. Trump doesn't even try to respect his own wife. She won't even sleep in the same room with him.

   We had a REAL man as our President, a I for one, will not forget, nor will I stop working until our country is rid of the stinking racist, no-good slime ball TRUMP!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, how we miss him and his outstanding leadership - a great statesman. Such a complete opposite in every way of what we are coping with now.