Saturday, May 5, 2018

Calaveras County Mariage Licenses

   Between April 16 and May 4, 2018 the following marriage licenses were issued in Calaveras County:

   Jarrett Damon Hise and
Ashley Mae Cory on April 16, 2018

   Toren Jacob Cardiel and Amanda Grade Sheehan on April 18, 2018

   Michael Sebastian Kunzmann and Laura Kathleen Woodson on April 19, 2018

   Richard Allen Sandoval and Lehua Anne Almadova on April 20, 2018

   Nicholas Scott Behm and Trista Maria Pruett on April 20, 2018

   James Spencer Oller and Amy Alexis Sanchez on April 23, 2018

   Ryan Jeffrey Ireland and Kylie Chalae Clark on April 26, 2018

   Zahary John Harden and Julie Ann White on May 1, 2018

   Joseph Matthew Finegan an Mia Fay Latronica on May 2, 2018

   Jamie Marie Lovegren and Michael Casey Omeara on May 3, 2018

   Dylan Modjeski Silver and Mikaela Rose Bianchi on May 4, 2018

   David Lynn Beasley Sr. an Maria Haidee Vlavianos on May 4, 2018




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