Friday, May 4, 2018

Committee to Ban Commercial Marijuana Cultivation

   The Bann Doktor, Bill McManus, who lives in District 3 in Calaveras County, runs a website, per his own words, called a Committee to Ban Commercial Marijuana Cultivation.

   McManus has been seen at county meetings, ranting against Cannabis, but pushing BOOZE, as everyone knows.

    When I found the website, it does not state the name of McManus or a Board or business license, and does not include a 501c3 code. 

   We will be notifying the IRS to investigate the legality of this committee and where it gets its money. What bank do they use?  Something seems like corruption. 

    His rant at the Angels Camp City Council on May 1, 2018 went way beyond the agenda item and you always have trouble shutting him up.

   The agenda item to place a tax on any cannabis sold if it should be within the Angels Camp City limits, was removed from the agenda.

   The website makes references to BREITBART, the horrendous TRUMP website with Bannon an owned by the same man who created the crooked business who stole Facebook information for Trump!!

   People need to wake up that the battle of certain people against cannabis is RACIST based, just like everything to do with TRUMP!!!


Anonymous said...

At least Bill isn't high like the pot people. We all know they probably smoke a joint before they come into the BOS meetings etc. I wasn't born yesterday and I can recognize the signs of being high. Why o people need to get high anyway? That whole passing of Prop 64 has done nothing but cause a lot of grief and just a lot of problems throughout the state!

Anonymous said...

that's hilarious! You mean you can't tell he's drunk?