Monday, May 7, 2018

Major injury collision in Mokelumne Hill

   According to CHP on May 6, 2018 around 6:05 PM Randal Sturman (20) of Valley Springs was driving  a 2011 Mazda on Hwy 26 and was stopped for the stop sign at Hwy 49.

   Kathryn Huckabay (56) of Vallecito was driving a 2002 Mitsubishi on Hwy 49 approaching Hwy 26 at an unknown speed.

   Sturman failed to yield the right of way and entered the intersection at the same time Huckabay entered the intersection.

   As a result, the front of the Mazda collided with the left side of the Mitsubishi, the force of the impact causing the Mitsubishi to travel out of control and roll over before coming to rest on the north shoulder of Hwy 49.

   Kathryn Huckabay was transported to Modesto Memorial Hospital with major injuries. Leila Villamor (11) of Valley Springs, a passenger in the Mitsubishi, was transported to UC Davis for major injuries.  Also a passenger in the Mitsubishi Diana Huckabay (53) of San Andreas was transported to Sutter Amador Hospital with minor injuries.

   Randal Sturman did not indicate any injuries.   The collision remains under investigation, but alcohol and or drugs do not appear to be a factor.

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