Monday, May 28, 2018

The Muetterties and Oliveira's Preston (Secret Service report)

  With the battle between who is lying about whether or not the racist who was reported to Secret Service
for threatening President Obama is helping, we were told that Oliveira sent him packing, away from his campaign.

   The campaign that welcomed Preston with open arms is Muetterties, the wannabe Calaveras Assessor, who admittedly will demand the clerks in Leslie Davis' office train him.

   He has apparently been seen kissing up to Muetterties and putting up signs for him wherever and sometimes where NOT allowed, as he has always done before.

   Muetterties will be bringing his weapons to the county administration with him, as because he is so little, he feels he must have a BIG GUN!!

   Because both Muetterties have such a bad reputation in the Ebbetts Pass area, county employees are understandably scared.

   Muetterties and his current wife Lisa reportedly needed jobs and that is the reason they are now weaseling their way into county government.


Anonymous said...

This is so true! Ask any reputable realtor in Ebbetts Pass about them and their love affair with Mike Preston!!

Anonymous said...

that's what I hear Olivera did to get rid of preston from his campaign. he can't afford a single vote.