Sunday, July 8, 2018

Candyrock Terrorists scare off visitors to Calaveras

    There is no question that for some time now, the Calaveras Sheriff has been unable or unwilling to control the Candyrock Terrorists KKK Gay Porn Club
and Violent shooters, nor to protect the citizens of Calaveras County.

    Violence, filth, racism, gay pornography, threats to women, threats to start fires, rape and pillage, have all believed to have come from this shameful, despicable, deplorable group of criminals.

   Visitors are shocked by them and DiBasilio is terrified of them too.  He will not arrest those accused of crimes, will not encourage the USFS to close down their clubhouse and is especially frightened of the racist coward who even threatened President Obama (in front of many witnesses)!

   Why is DiBasilio not encouraging the FBI to arrest the conspirators who rampage our county freely, espousing their violence of racism and gun horrors? 

   Oh, the election?  He says they all campaign for him so he loves them; the porn kings, the gun thugs, the dirty cops, the terrorists who threaten to burn down homes an rape women if they don't stop talking and writing about them, THE TRUTH!!

  Yes, that is the Sheriff we have been STUCK with thanks to District 3 Supervisor Oliveira, who is completely aware of everything they have done.

  In fact, the last time we spoke with the Supervisor, he said "Oh, they are still doing that?"

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