Friday, July 13, 2018

Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio attempts to SCAM taxpayers! Thank you Captain Ballard!

    At the Tuesday July 10, 2018 Calaveras Supervisor meeting the temporary Sheriff DiBasilio attempted at major SCAM of the taxpayers
of the county.

   Taking advantage of the new CAO, he got the contract for his close friend and campaign manager Candace Kesey put on the Consent Agenda, which means vote without discussion.

  No request for proposals, no other contract considerations, DiBasilio paying back his campaign manager with a nearly $250,000 contract to clean the Sheriff's office for two years.

   Although Captain Ballard stated that the maintenance is only done around twice a week, Kesey stood to make a fortune, and was walking away with an easy money job.

   Fortunately many of the GOOD and HONORABLE people stood up to call the Sheriff out on this scandal, yet another scandal, of many, at the Calaveras Sheriff's Office.

   CAO Lutz and the assistant admitted that they were new and therefore did not understand how corruption in politics works in Calaveras, and fell for the SCAM!!

  It was REMOVED from the agenda to be brought back with BIDS from other janitorial companies.

  Are you as sick of this Sheriff's corruption as we are???  Supervisor Oliveira tried to help DiBasilio out of trouble but Ballard refused to play his game.  Thank you Captain Ballard!!!


Anonymous said...

ur right. he knows lutz and that woman are new. what a crook! cool way to pay a volunteer campaign chair, huh? Typical calaveras

Anonymous said...

I think you meant to say nearly 150,000 not 250,000. Still ludicrous thou. How long can it take to clean an office, 3 hours. That’s like 100/hr.

Anonymous said...

Candace Kelsey is a groupie but Ed Ballard is a whack job!!!

Anonymous said...

Did anybody notice that Oliveria did not call for DiBasilio to come to answer questions...hmmmm!

Unknown said...

County employee`s are poorly paid...Make the janitor a full time roving employer...Clean offices for all at fraction of the price.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add a different issue if I may. What I have a problem with is a matter of ethics. Specifically how the dept. would choose to cover up and dismiss the inappropriate actions of their deputies at the expense of people who they're sworn to protect, (Specifically ME).
I was involved in an "incident' with my ex where deputies made a false report, lied and withheld information (information that should of led to charges against my ex). That information was also key in disproving the label that was a cast on me. Guess it helped that the main deputy involved in my situation was a FRIEND of my ex's. In an attempt to file a complaint against this deputy I was basically given the run around and nothing was done at all. This occurred under the current leadership we have right now. I know what I've written here is a little vague but I can assure you laws were broken and their code of ethics betrayed. With the information and proof I attempted to share when filing my complaint (which I still have to this emails etc.) any normal person would be appauled my what went down and one word would shine above all others, SHADY.
Id like to hear both candidates respond to whether or not their sworn duty is more important than their shield. YOU'LD THINK IT SHOULD BE BUT IT ISNT...
(Sorry this message was lengthy)