Sunday, January 6, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Ray of Hope

   Dear Editor:

   With a dainty tap of her gavel, Nancy Pelosi declared victory in the House for Democrats and a chance for the American people
to take back America from the despotic Trump.

   A devil in disguise of a successful businessman, who tells lies to the America people 20 to 37 times a day, he has used and abuses 37 Republicans who attempted to blindly support him, destroying their careers, lives and reputations.

  Under Republican Special Councilor Robert Mueller's essential and factual investigation, there have been 36 indictments which show Trump conspired and colluded with Russia and Putin to steal the Presidency from Hillary.

   How any American cannot see this is outright treason and can remain loyal to Trump is indeed ignorant of the facts, is too brainwashed by hate or is too blindly racist to see the truth before their eyes.

   FOX spins the truth, then showed the video of Trump telling Pelosi and Schumer "I proudly own the government shut down!"

   Now he wants to blame the Democrats for the shut down even though the House, Senate and Mike Pence offered a bi-partisan package which Trump had said he would sign.

   That is, until extremist uneducated political hacks like Rush Limbaugh,  Sean Hannity and others on the extreme right started raging about the stupid wall.

  With that, Trump flipped the entire government upside down, closing parks, disrupting peoples lives, all because of a promise he made to his pitifully small base.

   Most Americans did not want Trump, do not want a wall and do not like garbage piling up in our treasured parks.

   We want the government opened back up, we want Trump charged, impeached and imprisoned along with all his familial co-conspirators and every Republican who helped him cover-up his illegal actions.

   Now at least we have a ray of hope!

   Pat Johnston, Red Bluff

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Anonymous said...

I'm actually with the woman legislator who said impeach the mf!