Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Calaveras Supervisors move to delete more records

Such an embarrassment
to Calaveras County
residents that our
Supervisors hide the
facts from voters!
   UPDATE:  At the November 12, 2013 Calaveras Board of Supervisors meeting, it was made clear
that no Resolutions, or minutes will be destroyed in their tossing of old records.

   What was not discussed is the fact that there is no actual security to prevent someone from going into an old document, changing it and the surrounding evidence.

   This makes it impossible to guarantee prevention of proving their misdeeds, malfeasance and other illegal activities, such a changing records after the fact (as everyone who has followed the BOS for years knows they have done).

   While they have verbally said they will not delete anything important, this could well be the end of transparency, if there ever was any.

    The three new Calaveras Supervisors; Ponte, Edson and Wright, that we had thought would oppose their secrecy have, instead, encouraged it.

   The fact that we are not allowed to see agendas until Friday afternoons is another of their resorting to hiding what they are doing from the public.

   How long will the voters allow these people to stay in office with their secret agendas and hidden documents?  Something needs to be done.

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