Saturday, November 23, 2013

Congressman McClintock begs for help

  Obviously in trouble, Congressman Tom McClintock, we hear, is sending out emails begging for help.
  Actually MONEY!!

  He seems to say he needs money to replace Obamacare. He speaks of cruelty and 5 million staggering, false hope and train wrecks.

   I think we all know where the cruelty, staggering, false hope ant rain wrecks really lie.

   Shocking, since we never heard Tom McClintock say any of those things when Bush allowed the 911 attack and then ordered thousands of our boys to go to war and die in Iraq; never said anything when Bush screwed up the Hurricane Katrina rescue; nor when Bush drove this country into a near depression or any of the other unbelievable horrendous things under that regime.

  Perhaps, then. Tea Party Supervisor Spellman does have a chance to run against McClintock.


Anonymous said...

Go get that tea party! Let's wipe em all off the map!

Anonymous said...

As blood is the sustenance of human life. Money is the life blood of politics.