Saturday, November 23, 2013

Copper Town Square Coffee Shop closed

   We just heard that yet another business in the Copperopolis Town Square has been forced to close their doors.

   Snaps, a popular place for many regulars for coffee and chat, has now closed, and the phone number is disconnected. It is so sad what has happened to small businesses in Copperopolis and everywhere in Calaveras County.

   Some have complained that lease and rent costs and utilities are too high to stay in business.



Anonymous said...

What a sad testimonial of reality in Calaveras County.
Look at the bright side, higher taxes on the horizon with no relief in sight.

Anonymous said...

If the county had approved some more development there would be more of a base to support the local business. We don't want a Valley Springs but some reasonable development would be welcome. It will help all our property values and keep businesses open.

Anonymous said...

By development, do you mean in Copperopolis? Do you mean Castle & Cook development? Do you mean the expired (dead) Sawmill Project?
Have you tracked C & C's mitigation measures project related?
Why didn't CCWD support C & C's Sawmill Project at the BOS hearing?
Is there really CCWD water available for Copperopolis?
Where is the transparency for infrastructure? Probably, awaiting discovery in the document archives.