Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CHP report of Hwy 4 Accident

   According to CHP on March 31, 2014 around 7:05 PM Renee Smith (62) of Arnold was driving a 2006 Toyota Highlander eastbound on Hwy 4 east of Shirewood Ln. at approximately 35 MPH.

   Diane Lauterbach (52) of Hathaway Pines was driving a 1991 Jeep Wrangler westbound just east of Shirewood at approximately 20 MPH.

   Smith was traveling uphill negotiating a right-hand radius curve in the roadway as Lauterbach traveled downhill in the opposite direction, according to the report.

   It was dusk and the weather was cloudy with moderate snowfall. The roadway was covered with approximately two inches of snow/slush.

   Smith was traveling at a speed unsafe for roadway conditions and the Toyota was equipped with tires which were worn down to the wear bar at all four corners.

    Smith attempted to follow the curvature of the roadway, but the Toyota's speed and lack of mechanical grip produced understeer as it resisted the turning movement and skidded straight across the solid double yellow lines into Lauterbach's path of travel.

    The front of the Toyota collided with the front of the Wrangler and both vehicles came to rest blocking the westbound lane.

   Both parties were transported via ambulance with minor injuries.


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