Tuesday, January 27, 2015

FOX fired employee commits suicide

This photo of the Austin Police Chief
after his officers arrested the girl on the
left for jaywalking, began his troubles.
  UPDATE:  As we were almost to the end of the utube series, someone removed the entire collection.

 A 41 year-old former employee of a FOX network station in Austin, Texas, committed suicide on the steps if FOX Corporate Headquarters in New York this morning by shooting himself.

   Philip Perea (41) had been suffering from ADD and OCD during his time of work at FOX. His tapes, posted on utube, of his sessions with management prior to his firing, are very sad.


Anonymous said...

I went and watched the funny video the chief made, he really did make faces like that. Any paper would have used that. He must have done something else. Or was he sick?

Anonymous said...

He should have been on disability, I think, instead of fired.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that cop look a little bit like Kuntz after he's had a few?