Friday, January 23, 2015

Letter to the Editor....About City of Angels

   Dear Editor:

   I've been following your articles about the City of Angels Camp. What makes you think you or any other citizen has Constitutional Rights here?
   I have to be anonymous, but I have a friend at the City and they do not like anyone to say anything against their ideas or decisions.
   The Sentinel had better be careful because I totally believe the city is after not just any newspaper who writes or asks them questions they don't like, but regular citizens. They have many ways of getting even, too!

   This is a hick town in a hick county and most elected people don't even believe we, the voters have any rights. "Say something nice or don't say anything at all!" is their mantra.
  Constitution! First Amendment, phooey! 

   Been around Angels for most of my life and what I say is true. In fact, most of what is written in the Sierra Sentinel regarding Angels is true. They just don't like it exposed.

   RRRRR in Angels

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