Thursday, January 22, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Candyrock gun range

   Dear Editor:

    My wife and I have friends who live in Canyon View subdivision. I feel fortunate that we do not live anywhere hear that place.

    Not long ago, we were visiting and while outside, you could hardly hear yourself think, much less talk, due to the hundreds of rounds of bullets flying.

   I know that most people are afraid to write about this, or even complain to the Forest Service, but something needs to be done. I'm a shooter myself, but belong to a gun club.

   You, Sierra Sentinel, have it right. Threats of violence, harassment and other things happen to those who complain about these people.

   All the Forest Service needs to do is keep the gate locked year round. If these shooters had to walk in and carry their booze (and they DO have booze), the harassment of the neighborhood would be much less.

  No one knows what to do to get the Forest Service to listen and help. I also agree with others who say "remove the targets that you put in there"!

   The way it is now just isn't fair to anyone, and its perfectly clear that the type of people who shoot there don't care about anyone else.

    Canyon View is a beautiful place to live, but is ruined by Candyrock and its bad members.

   Thanks for listening and keeping this anonymous, Frustrated in Ebbetts Pass

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