Friday, January 23, 2015

Three pups found in knotted plastic bag

    UPDATE:  The three puppies are so young, that they will not be available for adoption for at least three weeks, according to animal services in Pleasant Hill.

Yet another horrid criminal dog story this morning. A couple in Pleasant Hill (near Concord) were walking their dog, when it started sniffing a knotted plastic bag at a local park.

Photo from Contra Costa
Animal Services
   When it moved, they opened it and found three terrier puppies.  The couple took them home, bathed them and then took them to their local animal services, where the 5-week old pups will be fostered until old enough to be adopted.

   Any person who willfully tries to harm any animal should be prosecuted the same as if it was a person they were harming, in our opinion.  There are way too many SICKOS out there. We know two of them personally.

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