Saturday, January 17, 2015

Odd Notes from Calaveras Clown board!!

   The regular Calaveras clowns attended the Calaveras Supervisor meeting on January 27, 2015, including Marti Crane and George Fry, Double Springs, Al Segalla, Peter Racz and on and on.

   We were not aware that George was such close friends with a man who was reported to the Secret Service and this paper, for threatening the President Obama in a public place, "Shoot the ni****!", aiming with his fingers as guns, when his photo was shown on the television. 

   Thought we knew everything about Mr. Fry, but apparently not. He also was promoting the County Hospital, the Calaveras Health Board. He spoke many times and on many subjects.

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Anonymous said...

Did you miss that Race guy who wants some kind of promotion for guns on our county buses???