Thursday, July 23, 2015

11 million collect Social Security disability in the US

   Hard to believe, but in recent years, some say due to the recession, over 11 million people are now collecting Social Security Disability benefits in the United States.

   The fund will run dry in 2016 unless they can find a way to get some of these people to go back to work by reducing the fraud, according to Republicans.

     Would a Republican ever defraud the Social Security Disability system?  Hmmmm.  Perhaps the Republicans are right.

    Every day we hear from people who say they know someone who was just tired of looking for work or of going to work.  Sad, but true. We've heard its easy to trick the system.

   Perhaps they need to investigate much more fully those who have been on disability for over a year.
       The real purpose of the system was to be a temporary help for those who needed it and a permanent help for those seriously disabled, such as those in wheelchairs; not a permanent welfare dole for those who are lazy and think they should milk the taxpayers.

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