Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Letter to the Editor: About District 5

   Dear Editor:

   I admit I don't often write letters and didn't go to the planning meetings about the Asphalt Plant here in RanchoCalaveras (or District 5).

   I do, however, care what is happening here. I read in another publication that Mr. Steve Kearney, whom I voted for, has not made up his mind about the asphalt plant.

   I read in your article over a month ago that he had absolutely been promoting it; something about "I'll do anything for jobs?"  That must mean he would encourage reopening the asbestos mine in Copperopolis?

    The end result is that Mr. Kearney must be a liar, or can't admit he made a mistake and apologize to his constituents.  I will never vote for him again, either way!

  Please sign me,

 Another sad voter in Rancho  


Anonymous said...

Why? Why? Why can't Rancho get one good supe to last 2 terms? We just got rid of a bad one-now this! Kearney's a bigger nut case than Spellman?

Anonymous said...

I don't think i'd go that far!

Anonymous said...

Its the dishonesty that bothers me. he shouldn't tell a different story every time. He didn't even bother to show up at any of the Planning commission hearings; for only one readson. afraid

Anonymous said...

Kearney should not show up for a planning commission hearing. It's not his jurisdiction. The board of supervisors is the final say at the county level.