Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Steve Wilensky is BAAACCCKKK! Need a job?

   In the August 2015 press release from the Stanislaus National Forest, it outlines how wonderful Steve Wilensky, who started the CHIPS program just for liberals who want to work part time.  These people are most likely on welfare now, and his close friends.

    This article promotes he and his clear-cutting workers as just right for these jobs, as residents of Calaveras and Tuolumne counties are not really qualified for anything else, like a job with SEIU or as an Executive Director position like he is.

   Wilensky, who is Executive Director of CHIPS now,  praises the Stanislaus National Forest supervisor for her acceptance of he and his clear-cutters. Who needs a real forest anyway??

   Many people have told us they feel we may never be free of his policies, which caused the economic downfall of Calaveras County. 



Anonymous said...

I read their release. Looks like skilled workers are those who can turn on a chain saw and run a feller-buncher. OMG, Wilensky does it again!

Anonymous said...

You forget that D2 likes its welfare.

Anonymous said...

Now that's mean. True, but mean!

Anonymous said...

D-2 Supervisor Wright said publicly "He liked Calaveras County just the way it is." D-2 is a "legacy Disadvantaged Community". So what is all the huula-balu over jobs. Sounds like some supervisors talk jobs but really don't want any growth that may lead to economic expansion.

Anonymous said...

His policies had little to do with economic doldrums. What a fatuous statement.