Friday, July 31, 2015

What was Michael Oliveira's campaign with Preston/Strohmeyer really like?

    During the last election, we warned the public of the truth about Karen and Patrick Strohmeyer, Michael Preston and Michael Oliveira, a campaign committee we believe is of the most horrid sort.

     When the harassment first started; over 100 trees cut down, disturbing the peace, trespassing, threats; we didn't want to believe that Karen Strohmeyer had a part in it.  But  wait til you hear!!!

   We recently learned differently. The Michael Oliveira campaigners Mike Preston and Patrick and Karen Strohmeyer, systematically and continuously became inflamed that we or any of our businesses would not support Oliveira or his illegal Candyrock Gun Club.

   The stalking, the trespassing, the threats, tree damage and removal, the insane harassment of all types, including one sign, written in Karen Strohmeyers own handwriting, "Welcome to the Blue Tarp Gang", along with Oliveira political signs lined up along our property line (only facing us) are only part of it.

    Now Oliveira is in office (well, he hasn't been here for 4 months) and you are stuck with who we believe is the most corrupt elected official Calaveras has ever had.

    There is so much to tell and so many police reports, many which the Sheriff tried to snuff because these are the kind of people who support him and Oliveira. And they are supposed to be COPS???

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Anonymous said...

File a complaint with the Grand Jury.