Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sierra Sentinel will never be Neutral --OP-ED

   It seems that if you are involved in politics you must choose a side, or a party, and remain loyal to it no matter what happens.

   We believe this is what's wrong
with the political system in the US.  It is so partisan, that even if someone in your party is wrong or even commits a crime, you must be loyal.  And NOTHING gets done!

   The refuses to play that game. We are independent and no matter which political party a person is tied to, if they screw us, the people, or commit a wrongdoing, we will call them out.

   We will NOT remain neutral on any issue we feel is important to the citizens, either.  If something is right for the people, we will tell you, regardless of what political party promotes or disses it.

   Therefore, if you are looking for politics as usual, that don't work for any of us, you won't like our recommendations.

   We got several comments about the Steve Wilensky article, asking why we were not commending him.  Well, Steve Wilensky hurt our county when he was a Supervisor and he continues to play strictly partisan politics now. 

   We believe he only pretends to care about the people and only cares about himself. He may not care for that opinion, but he is continually recommending that Calaveras County is impoverished, and it is.

   Why?  Because of bad practices and policies he promoted as an elected official. Now he says that we are only good enough for chain saws and work clear-cut crews, technically working for him as boss.

   Do you see anything wrong here?

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Anonymous said...

What about his negotiation assistance to the county employees' SEIU union? Is he a paid consultant or free provider of services?