Friday, July 31, 2015

Another foolish prank?

"Hey Kearney! where's your
   Yet another idiocy that Mr. Edsel put on the Calaveras Supervisor agenda was some type of Un-economic, Non-development, Anti-business company.

   This was yet another of Mr. Edsels pranks on real businesses.  It was laughable all the way through, and then they showed the list of supporters. 

     We became hysterical!  Mr. Oliviera says they are personal friends of his??? (and "big pot" and "Obama 'kill the n***** man")

    People from Arnold have no clue how the rest of the county has suffered due to Chair Edsel and his kangaroo court!

   When a member of the public suggested the problem WAS government, these clowns brushed it aside, saying something like "we need to focus on the good things!" 

  Our question is "What business do you own, how many employees, how long in business, annual income from business, taxes paid, etc.?"

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