Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to make money in Calaveras County's poor business climate?

   It's very simple. Get 2 or three friends together who need money. Go around to all the poorest counties; the ones who have not recovered from the economic collapse and tell them YOU know the answers
to their problems.

   Then offer to hold some type of meeting or 'symposium' that ONLY those who pay the big bucks will hear the secrets of succeeding in a county with unqualified elected officials, who are against any real business growth (except for ASPHALT plants near our rivers).

   So, what's the secret?  Sell tickets and make a bloody fortune, like all schemes and pyramid type con game business ideas? Now that's the real answer! Yes, another get rich quick scheme can make you rich!

   Or, you could buy a worthless restaurant and suck off the government dole the rest of your life, huh?  Either way, you lose your money; but at least with a restaurant, you'll eat!



Anonymous said...

I saw something about this. And definitely take a day away from your business to support this business. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I do not believe those who run things in this area have a clue, or would know a con if they saw one hit them between the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are smart enough to figure out how THEY can make money. Give em credit where credit's due. At someone elses expense maybe, but go for it, suckers.

Anonymous said...

You could work for the government. ooh, excuse me while I go throw up.

Anonymous said...

How many folks are that dumb to pay to go to those things?