Thursday, September 8, 2016

Since Donald Trump knows more than the US Generals....Secrets???

   Donald Trump has stated emphatically that he knows more about ISIS than the US Generals do, so it was not surprising to see him red-faced, trying to blame President Obama for everything last night.

   His continuing criticism of the Generals is shocking and we don't see how he could possible get them to give him a plan in 30 days after he took office, which he would then compare with his "SECRET PLAN"!  

   Trump also said that he knew the people who gave him "briefing" about US security, were telling him that the Obama administration does not take their advice.  Now that is
scary, that he would say that, although most think he was lying.

  If he can't keep security while running for office, how could he possible be trusted in the White House???


Anonymous said...

What is amazing, is how his popularity grows daily - along with his ignorance. It's truly frightening.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree - just pray the Electorates can see through him - if it were up to "popular" vote he'd be in - so very frightening.