Thursday, March 16, 2017

Get rid of McClintock in 2018!!!

This rat doesn't live here,
and doesn't care about us!
   House of Representatives Tom McClintock, who claims to represent Calaveras County, but does NOTHING for us, is extremely worried about all the protestors he sees regularly.

   McClintock calls them RADICALS, left-wing propagandists, and promote health care for those he doesn't feel deserve it--the poor, the elderly, etc.  He calls them ANARCHISTS!!!

   He is desperate to raise more money to try and keep his cushy job in Congress for another 2 years, but he doesn't even like the district enough to live here.

   We haven't yet heard who may be running against this carpetbagging right wing Trumper, but we all need to support them.

     GET RID OF MCCLINTOCK IN 2018!!!  He is working with Trump to destroy our country from the inside out.

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