Friday, March 3, 2017

What is a TERRORIST??? Does Calaveras Sheriff think they're CUTE???

We believe the worst terrorists
are Oliveira and his
campaign committee!!
   A lot of talk has been taking place about who are terrorists, do they come in from other countries as terrorists, are certain religions terrorists, etc.  Trump is trying to get a Muslim ban!  Idiocy!!

   The meaning of TERRORIST is:
A person who uses violence, threats or intimidation in order to pursue political agendas.

   For example:  A person who threatens owners of newspapers in order to make them fearful of death
and to not write about gun violence, racism, etc.  We have several here in Calaveras County, sadly!!

   Our Calaveras Sheriff thinks they're cute and harmless and refuses to even arrest a person who threatens our now retired President in a public place. 

   We need WALLS, or PRISON CELLS for these creeps.  Also, anyone who supports these monsters and trolls like DIRTY COPS!! 

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Anonymous said...

they are cute, aren't they? look a lot like sasquatchessses.