Wednesday, January 17, 2018

200 Lawsuits in Calaveras??? And they will WIN!!

UPDATE:  For those asking where to find KCRA's report, it was live on the 5 o'clock news last night. Didn't see it on their website.

   KCRA 3 just reported that around 200 cannabis growers who had legally applied and paid $5000 each to get permits to grow cannabis in Calaveras County
are suing.

   This is the expected outcome after the corruption of Gary Tofanelli stealing the Board Chair from Garamendi and then getting a 3-2 vote to BAN growing in the county.

   IDIOTS!! They don't care anything about the TAXpayers, only TRUMP!!  IDIOTS!! Lead by Tofanelli!!! He and Mills and Clapp have to pay for this!!  And we do believe they will WIN the lawsuits!!

  They lost crops, land, and their entire investment after being told to come out of the shadows and get legal approval.  BAIT and SWITCH, among other criminal accusations are being made.

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Anonymous said...

They just may with Judge Healey