Friday, January 12, 2018

Alt-Right presence at Sheriff meeting disturbing

   Apparently the presence of many Alt-Right supporters of the current Sheriff and Supervisor of District 3 in Calaveras County was disturbing to many residents.

   After one of them assaulted another they disagreed with at the Wednesday January 10, 2018 Calaveras Supervisor meeting, many are hesitant to be anywhere near them.

    Comments were overheard, snide remarks intended to defend the current Sheriff and Supervisor Oliveira, who is in real trouble in this years election. 

  No outright violence was reported, but the feeling that they were being watched by the racist alt-right members of Trump, was undeniable.

   Supervisor Merita Callaway is likely to walk away with the election this year, as the alt-right is divided between the extremist wing and the moderate wing in the county.  

     Both wings are terrifying to those who wish to speak anywhere in public. They threaten those who write for this website regularly.

   Called for by residents upset that they cannot control crime, the Supervisor tried to turn it into his campaign rally.  That in itself is despicable.


Anonymous said...

Oliveirra left his cahones in his wife's purse!

Anonymous said...

NOrmal people are afraid to go anywhere those altrighters might be. they are so violent. look what happened at the BOS

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Those AR's are everywhere up here, came out from under rocks. scary bunch!