Friday, January 12, 2018

Tofanelli responds about assault altercation

I'm really nice! See me smiling!!
   We got a response through the Calaveras County Board Clerk Diane Severud, that crooked Chair Gary Tofanelli says the Calaveras Supervisors were on a break and the cameras were already off when the violent
altercation took place involving a woman named Lorie White.

   White, a known extremist, gets angry when challenged, has had complaints lodge about vicious comments to those who oppose her.

   We have heard from other witnesses to the alleged assault by White, that the Board was NOT at break, but immediately ordered a break and cameras shut off. 

   We may never know the truth, but since the person assaulted did not press charges, it will be hard to know for sure.

   We do know, however, that Tofanelli later ruled in WHITE's favor, banning CANNABIS in
Calaveras County, which we believe was planned by the three rats on the board all along.

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