Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Angels Camp Clerk forced into retirement...has needs!!

  We received information today that Mary Kelly, for some reason elected as Angels Camp City Clerk, is being forced to retire.  We understand even the water billing department is suffering!

   Is it true that due to the nature of her psychiatric needs, Mary Kelly will be entering full treatment? Several have said that they believe she has been a serious problem at the City for some time. We don't like to use the word 'CRAZY' which others have.

   We certainly hope she gets the help she needs and has a more healthy retirement, but it has not been fair to residents we've heard from that she has been allowed to perpetrate horrors in the city offices for a long time, is it?

   Of course, part of the problem, as Scott Behiel has told us, is that the City Council is NOT using its ability to control employees in any way.  That is why the corruption has become so dire.

   The Calaveras County Grand Jury has ruled that the City of Angels Camp should immediately dissolve its City Charter and become part of the county control. Kelly refused this and the City Council says they have no power.

    We'd like to know what in the heck we have a City Council for if not to curtail the horrors, including theft by the City Administrator, that have been allowed.

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