Friday, January 12, 2018

Chris Cuomo: You are wrong!! We need to get ANGRY!!

  Last night on CNN, Chris Cuomo spent time telling the normal Americans, who are disturbed beyond belief at what Trump the Chump is bellowing, not to get angry about it.

    Trumps racist sickness, filthy orifice of a mouth,  that we here in Calaveras witness daily by local scum who agree with the Chump.

    We should be angry, Mr. Cuomo!  We cannot just let this go!  Angry is not enough. We need higher fences against filthy hole neighbors and others who espouse their father's A-hole mouth!

   So stop saying don't be angry, Mr. Cuomo. We need to also be angry at people like McClintock, who licks the boots of TRUMP, and other local officials like Oliveira and DiBasilio, who suck his bit toe.  Get angry and VOTE!!!

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