Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Corruption at Calaveras Supervisors!!! Tofanelli should be RECALLED!!!

   Gary Tofanelli showed pure corruption and dishonor to the Board of Supervisors of Calaveras County by accepting and even voting himself into the Chair of the Board.

   He could have denied accepting the motion and could have voted himself down. Corruption is dirty in Calaveras County. A travesty of political DIRT. 

   It was District 2 and Jack Garamendi's rotational turn to be the Chair and District 2 had been passed over last time.

   Three Supervisors are responsible and it appears that the Brown Act and a conspiracy has taken place in Calaveras.  It is no wonder the rest of the State of California LAUGHS at Calaveras.

  Tofanelli has proven he is NOT a leader.


Anonymous said...

No question this was set up as a member of the public had a prepared speech to support Clapp, Mills and Tofanelli regarding POT!

Anonymous said...

Those crazy anti-pot people conspired. It's totally clear. The Attorney General of the State needs to get involved and Tofanelli does need to be recalled.

Anonymous said...

this makes toffaneli a scumbag just like mills and clapper

Anonymous said...

tofanelli was totally conspiring on this. Crook!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear Tofaneli was soooobad, he tried to stop a member of the public from commenting.